National Gallery of Australia

I was in Canberra yesterday to look at the Brücke’s 1910 Galerie Arnold catalogue. I was not allowed to touch it. It was fantastic to look at, though.

I also walked through the Turner, because I had an hour before closing. Fabulous range of works. I’m not sure how Turner would feel about having his water colour sketches displayed in a gallery. It was great to see them, though; the way that he worked and the way that he looked at landscapes. I always find the studies particularly interesting. They had a couple of his sketch books as well.

There is clear progression in his style form the Romantic/Sublime landscapes through to the proto-Impressionist works.

And I saw the Lichtenstein exhibition in the American galleries. Awesome! The development of Lichtenstein’s work in interesting in some of the same way as the Turner, from the post-war Expressionistic woodcuts (this is someone who has seen Paul Klee) through to Pop Art.

I was in Canberra to look at the prints. Comparing the Lichtenstein to the Turner reiterated how much a prefer prints as a medium.

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