Heist by David Mamet

1. So, rewatching this on the otherside of learning a lot of things made me aware of how differntly I read things now and how different my expectations and desires are of the media I consume.

2. It is an intensely clever film. It is really not nice. Also casually racist and transphobic in its language and the movement on the plot is, in part, driven by sexism and Joe’s casual sense of ownerhip of his wife.

3. In my new casting of the film, Bobby is played by a woman of colour. Maybe Whoopie Goldberg at the time. Or Viola Davis now. This does a lot of interesting things to the otherwise problems of the film. Doubles the number of main female characters and more than doubles the presence of women on the screen. It would mean that the film’s treatment of Fran as an object, a prize, do you want the money or the girl, is no longer the film’s statement about women. It would change the dymanic of Fran being the one Jimmy wants and Fran agreeing to go get him. It would also potentionally open up some interesting commentary of the ways in which Bobby follows Joe and the way Fran does. I’m not sure how that would fall out, but it would certainly be a more interesting conversation than the one we have.

Q: Is conservation what happens to certain objects, or is it a way of approaching any potential object?

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