I haven’t read much fiction recently because I have been studying. I have a lot of academic stuff, more UN conventions that can possibly be good for me and lots of abstracts for fascinating things that aren’t on topic. I will make more time for more reading now that the beginning of semester is over and things have settled down.

I am currently reading half way through Scott Lynch’s The Republic of Thieves.

Likewise films. I have tickets to the Melbourne Queer Film Festival and the Monuments Men, all of which I am looking forward to.


I did get to see the All That Glitters at the Arts Centre.
This was an exhibition of stage fashion. I went with a fashion historian friend, which enhanced the experience and showed me a new way of looking at costumes. It was interesting to think of in terms of the work required to prepare costumes for exhibition because they were not made to last and not made to be seen in such detail.
I liked that the way the exhibition brought together different styles and types of costumes from different eras. My favourite bit was the designers’ drawings. I like works on paper.

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